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It’s Winter season in the Northern Hemisphere and today I am on the Hawaiian Islands focused on improving…

  • Connector.

    The Elements of My Health:

    My body is my Temple and the more I know how to take care of it, the greater my body is able to serve me and my friends, the Earth and beyond.

  • Connector.

    My Ability to Create Wealth:

    Success is the state of mind that I allow as I overcome the obstacles of my own life and focus more on serving and supporting other people in the ways that they need help.

  • Connector.

    My Connection with People:

    I’m always bringing more balance into my life through understanding how to connect with people more effectively. I find it energizing.

The Zen Hoodie

At this moment, building a peaceful, sustaining and productive lifestyle with people that I love is the essence of my life.

Here are my priorities:

$1K a day


Immediate Life Goals

$1M a month


Short-Term Life Goals
(Weekly & Monthly)

$1B a year


Long-Term Life Goals

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If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page.

Last update: January 5, 2017. (Page inspired by Derek Sivers and Leo Babauta.)