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by Joshua Seymour

Hand-selected insights from me that you can use for building, funding, and helping DAOs thrive in ways that work for you, others, society, and the environment.

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Become a better DAO stakeholder and create a more successful DAO ecosystem.


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Become a Better DAO Stakeholder

Venture DAOist (i.e., the theme of my channel, newsletter, and podcast) gives you some perspective and opinion from myself and others on becoming a better DAO stakeholder and creating more value for your DAO. Because the direct experiences and observations from members, delegates, and contributors of DAOs are where we get the best insights.

I’m regularly curating quality articles, audios, videos, and events that have been created by individuals and collectives who have insightful techniques, technical information, and technologies that can support each of us in enhancing ourselves and advancing society.

Through Venture DAOist, I comment on the creations that give us very valuable insights, and via Venture DAOism, I converse with the creators to extract pearls of wisdom for us.

Nominate a Creation to Feature

Naturally, I tend to curate and share things that I’m reading, watching, and listening to, but I’m always open to suggestions for content.

If there are articles, audios, videos, and events that you would like me to feature, then feel free to submit them to me through this form.

Here are some examples of the types of things that seem valuable and relevant to those like us who are invested and involved in DAOs.

These are some of the podcasts that I like to listen to and some articles that spark my curiosity and get me thinking deeply about stuff.

Part of my playbook is using my personal brand to explore the creations of a creator that I intend to interview through the Avolve brand.

Nominate a Creator to Interview

Venture DAOism is a companion to the Venture DAOist and we are always looking for new guests to engage in a valuable conversation.

If there is someone you’d like interviewed and featured via the Venture DAOism channel, newsletter, and podcast, then nominate them.

Here are some of the amazing people who I genuinely want to chat with on the topic of things like joining, starting, and growing a DAO.

Of course, there are many others who offer a lot of wisdom on the topic of DAOs, but this should give you a sense of the vibes we like.

When someone is nominated and they accept the invitation to be a guest, then we walk them through a journey that we call the Before, During, and After the Event. The whole process is a pretty enjoyable experience with minimum pain and maximum gain that culminates into many pieces of valuable content which are then spread throughout the metaverse with positive expectations of making an impact.

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