Freedom Multiplier Fellowship Is Open (For a Limited Time)

“Can I really multiply my revenue with fewer clients and no stress?”

The answer is yes, you can.

And you can enjoy the personal and professional freedom that comes along with it too.

I’m looking for coaches, consultants, and service providers who want to multiply their freedom.

Here’s an overview of my campaign:

The Opt-In

It starts with an Opt-In Page to get a free copy of uncle Frank Kern’s newest book.

The Insight

After creating a free account, you land on a Download Page.

I give you some time to read the book and do the exercise, then I follow up to ask about it.

If you want a bonus gift and submit your worksheet to me on the Download Page, then…

The Offer

You land on an Offer Page to get a Free Custom Lifestyle Business Blueprint.

The Quiz

If you book an appointment with me, then you land on a Questionnaire Page.

The Close

We meet and I deliver your free blueprint and then I ask if you want to hire me to help you.

And if you’re interested, you go to this Sales Page to choose your payment option.

The Next Move

After you enroll for the Freedom Multiplier Fellowship, then you can access these pages.

These four main Member’s Area Pages still need to have all the content added to them.