What am I doing with my life now?

This Day

The current pulse of my intention today is focused on establishing solidity within my family’s lifestyle.

This Month

Harnessing my Family of the past, embracing my Legacy of the moment, and building my Lover of the future is the general theme of my life episode until MAY 28.

This Year

Focus exclusively on deploying only my best paying services for my best paying clients & friends.

It’s Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and I’m enjoying the mountains of Mexico with the woman of my life and our child. I’m focused on improving…

  • The Elements of My Health:

    My body is my Temple and the more I know how to take care of it, the greater my body is able to serve me and my friends & the Earth.

  • My Ability to Create Wealth:

    Success is the state of mind that I allow as I overcome the obstacles of my own life and focus more on serving and supporting other people in the ways that they need help.

  • My Connection with People:

    I’m always bringing more balance into my life through understanding how to connect with people more effectively. I find it energizing.

What am I doing with my life now?

Building a peaceful, sustaining and productive lifestyle with people that I love is the essence of my life now.

Inspired by Tesla’s Master Plan and Core Love’s transformative applications of the new Human Operating System as well as Mark Hamilton’s dynamic 3-part formula for Human Immortality …here are my priorities:

1) Create low volume Avolve.Guru values for Being Your Own Guru, which are necessarily expensive.

2) Use that money to develop medium volume Avolve.Life values for Changing Your Life at lower prices.

3) Use that money to create affordable, high volume Avolve.World values for Changing The World.


4) Provide Avolve.IO values for Changing The Game.

Based on this Vision, the Mission is…

1K Gurus Created

Grow ǎGURU into world-class firm for Coaches and Consultants only.

1M Lives Changed

Grow ǎLIFE into world-class firm for Singles, Couples, & Families.

1B Worlds Changed

Grow ǎWORLD into premier firm for Citizens, Families, Companies, Foundations, GOVs, & NGOs.

Immediate Life Goals

Short-Term Life Goals
(Weekly & Monthly)

  • Supporting Mayka and our Child
  • Alloting Stored, Active, Earned $
  • Scale Avolve.Guru to 360 clients bringing an avg of $612K yearly
  • Challenging the Guru Creators
  • Challenging the Life Changers
  • Challenging the World Changers
  • Challenging the Game Changers
  • Imagining a Wedding with Mayka
  • Fundraising Destination Wedding
  • Multiplying Freedom + Revenues
  • Reporting requirements of GOVs
Long-Term Life Goals

  • Synchronizing My Body’s Cycles
  • Attending every Abraham Cruise
  • Marrying Mayka in Autumn 2018
  • Going Where we’re Treated Best
  • Enjoying Luxury Island Lifestyles
  • Avoiding taxes legally in all ways
  • Hold intercontinental Trademarks & Copyrights for Avolve’s assets
  • Planting as many Flags as I can
  • Passport/citizenship in nations that do not tax non-resident income or control my actions
  • Legal Residence in a Tax Haven
  • Business Based in a Tax Haven
  • Asset Havens for Investments with no capital gains tax
  • Playgrounds where I spend my money with no sales tax or VAT
  • Establishing Our Family’s Estate
  • Fathering 2+ Ingenious Children
  • 5 Generations of Supergeniuses
  • Building Paradise Cities of Earth
  • Depoliticizing the Hawaii Islands
  • Fulfilling Vision, Mission, Values
  • Living ǎGURU, ǎLIFE, ǎWORLD

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