Would you like me to Design a Custom Lifestyle Business Blueprint for your Personal Brand, for Free?

I’ve set aside some time for myself (not my team) to design a custom lifestyle business blueprint and marketing campaign for you, personally.

I’ll meet with you live using Google Hangouts and literally design a customized lifestyle business blueprint specifically for your personal brand.

Once it’s designed, I’ll then build you a blueprint and a process map of it so you’ll be able to deploy it at will.

What am I doing with my life now?

The current pulse of my intention today is focused on establishing solidity within my family’s lifestyle. Demonstrating that I can help my ideal clients by actually helping them is my theme until OCT 28. Focus exclusively on deploying only my best paying services for my best paying clients. It’s Summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and I’m enjoying León, Guanajuato, …

The 5 Best Lifestyle Business Ideas That Work for Coaches and Consultants

Known as… Creator of… For the past _______ years/months/weeks, I’ve been _______. Here’s all the stuff you need to do (with nothing held back except a lot of the technical minutia, which would only bog down the simplicity of these ideas). If you’d like me to help you do this stuff, I’d be happy to. In this link, here’s what …