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This Is How It Works

The Trainings are really just to learn and think about new things.

The Techniques are what make the changes happen in your career and upgrade your business model.

The Trainings are like reading the instruction manual to a game, but never actually playing the game.

"Done For Me"

The Techniques and the Technologies are part of the same system.

The Technologies run in the background and upgrade your business, but you don’t get conscious access to the systems that it upgrades.

Consciousness is established by learning the Trainings for awareness and the Techniques are the experience.

"Done With Me"

Without the Trainings, it’s hard to understand the Techniques.

Without the Techniques generating the revenue and more freedom, the Trainings are just all theoretical.

If you study the Trainings and use the Techniques to unlock more revenue, you require Technologies to keep your income elevated.

"Do It Myself"

They are three parts of the same equation and all of them work together.

The more efficient way to develop is to do all three of them at the same time.