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Yes, Josh! I want to create an even more stress-free and lucrative career using the lifestyle business model, campaign, and method you shared with me.”

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“Here’s exactly what I’m getting with the Freedom Multiplier Fellowship.”

Brand Me Platform

Get easy “Do It Myself” Technologies to build your audience with articles, audio, and video, grow your email list faster, earn more with marketing automation, craft killer custom landing pages, start profitable membership programs, sell online courses and digital products, and much more.

Me, Inc. University

Enjoy “Done With Me” Trainings to attract, sell, service, and retain your IDEAL clients and customers in a way that’s really beneficial and helpful to everybody you come into contact with. You don’t need too many “yesses” to get a great return on your investment in these trainings.

I AM My Guru VIP

Use “Done For Me” Techniques to have me deploy one successful campaign for you, build, integrate, and install your web pages, prescribe and architect your email sequence, meet with you live to help you tweak your messaging, offers, and copy, and provide you with ongoing support.

“Do It Myself”
(1 Year of Technology)
“Done With Me”
(12 Months of Training)
“Done For Me”
(48 Weeks of Technique)
Domain Online 24/7
Group Hangouts
(Weekly for 12 Months)
1-on-1 Helpouts
(Weekly for 48 Weeks)
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No matter what you decide to do today, I can promise you one thing …nobody gets lasting success alone.

We NEED to surround ourselves with people who share the same goals, values, and the same mission so we can support each other, stay sharp, stay focused, hold each other accountable, and work together for mutual success.

And that’s exactly what the Freedom Multiplier Fellowship is about.

Every week for twelve months, we meet as a group online and work together to do four things:

1. To celebrate our victories and share what we’ve learned.

2. To help each other when we’re stuck, off course, or just need a little “push” in the right direction.

3. To stay FOCUSED so we can keep our attention on what actually makes us money (and helps our clients) …instead of getting sucked in by the latest shiny object.

4. To hold each other accountable so we actually DO what we’ve set out to do!

I’ll be with you LIVE in each online meeting and we’ll be able to see each other, share screens, and truly work together just as if we were in the same room …but you don’t have to leave home 🙂

Explore all the amazing things you can do to Setup Your 1st Official Personal Brand –– or –– Upgrade Your Current Personal Brand, and you’ll see why this is way more than an ordinary lifestyle business solution.

No matter which option you choose, your Freedom Multiplier plan comes with …
$1,700 VALUE
(included in the price)

1 Year of “Do It Myself”

Build your audience with articles, audio, and video, grow your email list faster, earn more with marketing automation, craft killer landing pages, start profitable membership programs, sell online courses and digital products, and much more.

There’s virtually nothing you cannot do.

Even better, never waste valuable time searching for plugins, worrying about themes, or understanding complicated code … and forget hosting, maintenance, and security updates.

Focus on your business more, and your technology less.

Build Your Worry-Free Personal Brand Today.

Here’s exactly what 1 Year of Brand Me Platform includes:

  • Agility & Performance

    Get More Clients through a Smarter, Super-fast and Secure Platform with a Results-Oriented Interface and Simple Development Tools!

  • Attraction & Design

    Entice at the Top of the Funnel with the Best WordPress Theme and Landing Page Builder … All Without Code!

  • Access & Email

    Use an Access Approach to Accelerate Your Email Marketing with an Online Community and Membership Site!

  • Authority & Content

    Demonstrate Authority with a ‘Lead Magnet’ Worth Paying For through Content Creation Tools that Make You Look Good!

  • Affinity & Traffic

    Become an Even More a Likable Expert with Traffic Tools that Help You Attract More of the People You’re Looking For!

  • Action & Conversion

    Get More People to Work With You and Turn Traffic Into Money!

  • Adaption & Results

    Create Personalized Marketing Experiences that Land You More Clients and Track the Fundamental Metrics that Matter!

This is a tremendous value.

Regardless of your model, your price point, and your level of experience, I think we can agree on two things:

1. You’re getting EXACTLY what you need to attract, sell, service, and retain HIGHER CALIBER clients and customers in a way that’s really beneficial and helpful to everybody you come into contact with.

2. You don’t need too many “yesses” to get a great return on your investment in this Fellowship.

But I’m not even close to being done. To make EXTRA sure this WILL WORK FOR YOU, you’re also getting…

$2,040 VALUE
(included in the price)

3 Months of “Done With Me”

This is an interactive online LIVE class that starts on Monday, October 2nd.

Every Monday, I’ll release the new course content into your members’ area, and you can watch it whenever you want …at your own pace. (It never goes away.)

And then, every Thursday, we meet LIVE …online …where I help you by answering your questions, reviewing your work, and basically working with you to make it happen.

Since we’re meeting online, we’ll be able to see one another if we need to, share screens, share files, and essentially create the same experience as if we were all in a classroom togetherbut you don’t have to leave home.

And every live session will be recorded so if you miss one, don’t worry …you can watch the recordings whenever you want!

Here’s exactly what 3 Months of Me, Inc. University includes:

  • Week 1: Canvassing

    Here’s our goal for Month 1: Our goal is for you to know exactly what to sell, exactly what to charge, exactly who to target, and exactly which model to use for maximum freedom and profitability.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

This month we work on the first, and most important aspect of our journey, which is to get you CRYSTAL CLEAR on exactly what you want.

We start by determine what your REAL monthly income goal should be (we’ll factor in “adult stuff” like taxes, savings, retirement, etc.)

Then we’ll determine how much you want to earn per client.

Then we’ll determine precisely who that client is.

Then we’ll find out exactly what you need to do to keep the clients happy (and be of maximum value to them).

Next, we’ll get clear on exactly how many clients you need to meet your income goals.

Then, we’ll take a 30,000 foot view of the six primary business models to determine which one works best for you.

So at the end of this month, you’re really going to know:

“OK, I like this model. I want to make this much money. I want to earn this much per client. And here’s exactly how many clients I need.”

Once we have that, then we can actually start getting things done really, really sufficiently and we can focus on achieving fit.

Searching For Fit is the process of designing lifestyle businesses around products and services that meet jobs, pains, and gains that clients really care about. Fit between what you as an entrepreneur offer and what your clients want is the number one requirement of a successful lifestyle business.

Fit happens in three stages.

  • The first occurs On Paper when you identify relevant client jobs, pains, and gains you believe you can address with your lifestyle business.
  • The second In The Market occurs when clients positively react to your lifestyle business and it gets traction in the market.
  • The third occurs In The Bank when you find a lifestyle business model that is scalable and profitable.

  • Week 2: Canvas On Paper

    Problem-solution fit takes place when you: 1) Have evidence that your clients care about certain jobs, pains, and gains; 2) Designed a buyer’s journey that addresses those jobs, pains and gains.

In the first phase you don’t yet have evidence that clients actually care about your lifestyle business idea.

This is when you strive to identify the jobs, pains, and gains that are most relevant to clients and design lifestyle business ideas accordingly. You prototype multiple alternative lifestyle business ideas to come up with the ones that produce the best fit. The fit you achieve is not yet proven and exists mainly on paper. Your next steps are to provide evidence that clients care about your lifestyle business idea or start over with designing a new one.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

  • Finding Where The Money Is: Realizing exactly who your best prospects are so you can focus ONLY on them. This immediately STOPS overwhelm, stress, and extra work because now you’re laser-focused just on the people who will happily pay you!
  • Finding your SuperPower: The “Big Thing” you can sell. You’ll be crystal clear on exactly what to offer, so you can immediately improve how you’re marketing yourself and attracting clients!

  • Week 3: Canvas In The Market

    Product-market fit takes place when you have evidence that your products and services, pain relievers, and gain creators are actually creating results for clients and getting traction in the market.

During the second phase, you strive to validate or invalidate the assumptions underlying your lifestyle business idea. You will inevitably learn that many of your early ideas simply don’t create client value (i.e., clients don’t care) and will have to design new lifestyle business ideas. Finding this second type of fit is a long iterative process, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

  • Uncovering The True Value: What you can sell it for. You’ll get crystal clear on exactly how much you can charge for your offer …while still having your Ideal Clients feeling like they got the deal of a lifetime …so you can sell it with confidence and clarity!
  • Discovering the perfect model to serve them with: Now that you know what to offer, what to charge, and exactly who to sell it to them, it’s time to get crystal clear on exactly what to do to make them happy and get them the results they want as quickly and effectively as possible.

    That’s why we’ll be taking a deep dive into the Six Lifestyle Business Models so you can choose the one that delivers the best results for you and your new clients.

  • Week 4: Canvas In The Bank

    Business model fit takes place when you have evidence that your buyer’s journey can be embedded in a profitable and scalable business model.

A great lifestyle business idea without a great business model may mean suboptimal financial success or even lead to failure. No lifestyle business idea – however great – can survive without a sound business model.

The search for business model fit entails laborious back and forth between designing a lifestyle business idea that creates value for clients and a busienss model that creates value for your organization. You don’t have business model fit until you can generate more revenue with your lifestyle business idea than you incur costs to create and deliver it.

The search for lifestyle business ideas that meet client jobs, pains, and gains is a continuous back and forth between designing prototypes and testing them. The process is iterative rather than sequential. The goal of an entrepreneur is to test ideas as quickly as possible in order to learn, create better designs, and test again.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

Our mission for week four is for you to know exactly how to keep clients happy and exactly how to run the “operations” side of your business so you’ll never be worried or overwhelmed by clients again.

This is extremely important because it gives you great confidence in knowing you’ll be worth the money …so you’ll have an easier time selling, marketing, and attracting customers and clients with total confidence.

  • We’ll go behind the scenes into exactly how to run each model, so you can see the specific ways to keep customers and clients happy, get them results, and do it in a way that allows you to have autonomy and personal freedom …(so you’re not working all the time!)
  • For the Consulting Model: You’ll see exactly how I am able to manage (literally) DOZENS of clients all at once …while only working with them for one hour per week.

    You’ll see the tools you need, plus you’ll discover how to keep them accountable (without beig a nag) so they actually get results and keep paying you!
  • For the Group Coaching Model: You’ll discover the “Triple Touch” coaching method that is, hands down, the most effective and highly leveraged way to deliver group coaching …and I’ve never taught it or seen anyone else do it.

    This is an incredible way to be able to serve a nearly limitless amount of students …and literally work only a few hours per WEEK on the fulfillment of your services.

    What’s great about this model is it actually keeps them on track, keeps them happier, get them better results, and keeps them as paying clients longer than anything I’ve seen in 16 years of coaching.

  • For The Mastermind Model: You’ll see three different ways to deliver and fulfill premium priced masterminds …including the “Facilitator Model” where your members do most of the teaching! (Surprisingly, this model is actually preferred by many clients because they enjoy the sense of contribution.)

    You’ll also learn the “RoundTable” model and the “Curriculum Model” for delivering your masterminds in a way that’s low stress, high profit, fun, and extremely beneficial to your clients.
  • For The Finite Content Delivery and Live Event Model: You’ll discover the brain-dead simple way to deliver your content …automatically …to your students (so you can “set it and forget it” and just show up on the weekly calls.)

    You’ll go behind the scenes as I actually build a course in front of your eyes, and show you exactly how to set everything up ….even if you have ZERO tech skills.

    Plus, I’ll show you three ways to do your weekly calls in a way that’s easy, low stress, super organized and fun …especially for your students.

    And I’ll also show you how to secure an event space (cheap), set everything up, run the event, and even structure the experience so you can do an upsell if you want …all in a way that delights your students and makes them glad they came.

  • For The Professional Services Model: First, you’ll discover the MAIN things your customers want from you …so you can only offer and do those services. (This keeps you from being overworked and overwhelmed …and it allows you to scale, quickly).

    Then I’ll show you how to “systemize” everything about the delivery of your service so that even if you’re doing it personally, you’ll be able to do it quickly so you can serve more clients without extra work.

    Then you’ll discover how to SCALE by taking those same systems you just created, and giving them to key staff members who can take over and do the work for youso you can either take time off and have relatively passive revenue, devote your time entirely to getting new clients, or a little bit of both.

  • For The Fee + Royalty Model: I’ll begin by walking you through every deal I’ve ever done, including showing you the “contracts”, operating agreements, and systems I used to make sure I got paid …so you can operate with confidence knowing you’re going to get the money you deserve.

    Next, I’ll show you how to identify the “fastest money areas” so you’ll know exactly what to do first to get huge gains for your clients …and therefore get your money faster.

    Finally, I’ll show you the three types of deals, Fee+ Royalty, Royalty Only, and Equity Plays …and show you how to decide which one to propose on a client-per-client basis.

  • Week 5: Designing

    By the end of Month 2, our goal is to have your ads, your opt in pages, your indoctrination materials, and your conversion methods all lined up and ready to go so you can get clients EVEN BETTER RESULTS. We do this with three phases of client experiences:

In this month, you’ll MASTER …

  • How to reverse engineer your magnetic market positioning based on the psychological values of your perfect prospect so you can tap directly into the his subconscious and make him say, “THIS IS FOR ME”!
  • How to create your pre-framing materials so your prospects will respect you as an authority and a trusted advisorbefore they even see your sales materials.
  • How to use “Milestone sequencing” for indoctrination that makes them chase you.
  • You’ll get examples, swipes files, and templates for Indoctrination Videos, Whitepapers, Articles, Free-Reports, Webinars, and moreso you’re able to hit the ground running without staring at a “blank screen” wondering what to do next.

  • Week 6: Design Client Generator

    Your experience towards a product or service starts when you first hear about it. The first phase of a client’s journey start when the client first discovers and learns about your product or service.

This phase ends when your client starts to use your product. Once the user tries out your product or service, s/he has officially started Phase 2.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

Our mission for week six is…

  • Week 7: Design Client Incubator

    During the Client Incubator phase, you train the users to become familiar with the rules of the game, the options, the mechanics, and the win-states. This is what entrepreneurs focus on the most because everyone thinks once clients use their product for a little bit, everyone would fall in love with it, if only users would give them the chance!

The Client Incubator phase ends when your users are fully equipped and they are ready to take on the journey on their own.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

Our mission for week seven is…

  • Week 8: Design Client Accelerator

    The third phase of ongoing and regular activity of the game is where clients use all the rules and options they learned during onboarding to try to achieve as many Win-States as possible.

The Client Accelerator phase ends when your users believe they have tried everything that your product offers at least one time. They are now a veteran user ready for the end game.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

Our mission for week eight is…

  • Week 9: Attesting

    By the end of Month 3, you’ll know how to tie all the pieces together to form one well-oiled automated marketing system that delivers leads and customers consistently …without depending on your input or time! We do this with three campaigns:

Here’s how we’ll get there:

In December (Month 3) we work on…

  • Week 10: Attest Cold Campaign

    Cold Traffic is complete strangers who have no idea who you are and might not even know that they need the stuff that you have.

Testing content at the top of the funnel (TOFU) facilitates Problem-Solution Fit.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

Our mission for week ten is…

  • Week 11: Attest Warm Campaign

    Warm Traffic is people who want the solutions you can provide, but don’t necessarily know you personally.

Testing content at the middle of the funnel (MOFU) facilitates Product-Market Fit.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

Our mission for week eleven is…

  • Week 12: Attest Hot Campaign

    Hot Traffic is people who already know, like, and trust you and want your solution.

Testing content at the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) facilitates Business Model Fit.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

Our mission for week twelve is…

There’s NOTHING as powerful as getting a small group of people who all share the same vision, values, and goals together in a small group working together to help one another.

As you’ve probably experienced, groups like this are the places where lifelong friendships, business alliances, and partnerships are born …so it’s way more than “just” 3 months of training.

It’s an experience that can continue to pay dividends for the rest of your career.

But just to MAKE SURE that happens (and because I genuinely enjoy working with Fellowship members), I’m also giving you …

$3,400 VALUE
(included in the price)

12 Weeks of “Done For Me”

We’re also meeting LIVE for 1-ON-1 every week for 12 WEEKS to reinforce everything you’ve learned and ensure you get it implemented.

(We’ll meet online via video/audio and I’ll be recording it for you as well.)

My service like this sells for upwards of $3,400 per person …and this is 12 weeks of you, me, working together one-on-one to “cement” everything you discovered throughout the 3 Months of Training and get your lifestyle business and sales jump-started.

But instead of paying $3,400+ …it’s INCLUDED in your membership.

Together, we’ll use the power of compounded focus to get help with challenges you might have, and we’ll use our collective experience, resources, and discoveries to help you take what’s working now and “put it on steroids” so it’ll be even BETTER than before.

This means you’ll get personal help from me and other members of the Freedom Multiplier Fellowship …and you’ll get to contribute, show off what you’ve accomplished, and have the satisfaction of helping others who are just like you.

Plus, you’ll get behind-the-scenes access to me to see how I run everything …LIVE …in person …every week …for 12 weeks.

Here’s exactly what 12 Weeks of I AM My Guru VIP includes:

Act 1: The FB Ad

In this act, we go in-depth on the first element of the 6A framework for multiplying your revenue — attraction. We’ll focus on beginning the “sales process” before you even ask for an email address (and without people feeling “sold” to), and positioning yourself as the prospect’s advocate with your top of funnel content sets you up as the inevitable choice.

Act 2: The Opt-In

We shift from content to context, so you can see how using an access and registration concept instead of the traditional “opt-in” increases the size of your email list at a rapid pace. We’ll apply the intersection between perceived value and actual value, the psychological impact of “velvet rope syndrome,” and you’ll see an increase in email subscriptions with an access approach.

Act 3: The Insight

The best definition of content marketing is you give away information worth paying for in order to sell something related. Some people go with “lead magnets” (free stuff in exchange for your email address) that get plenty of sign-ups, but no clients (and that’s why we’re doing any of this, right?). In this act we focus on giving away something valuable that also makes you the person they hire.

Act 4: The Offer

Authority is powerful, but much more so when paired with another of the six primary elements of influence. We do business with people we like, so adding the element of affinity to your content not only positions you as the likable expert, it teaches them what they need to know to do business with you in a more compelling way.

Act 5: The Close

This part is about action. The action that you need to happen at every step along the prospect’s journey to becoming your client. And then there’s action content, that’s specifically designed get someone off the fence now rather than later.

NOTICE: I have NEVER offered this level of personal access and ongoing support for ANY price and may never do it again. As I showed you in the webinar, THIS STUFF IS WORKING.

Frankly, I’m offering this 12 Weeks of “Done For Me” more as a “labor of love” than anything else. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do so again due to the growth of my other businesses.

So if you know this is right for you and will help you, enroll right now.