Freedom Multiplier

How to multiply your revenue with fewer clients and no stress


Would you like to earn more per client while doing less labor and only working with people who are awesome and only doing work that you find energizing? If that lights you up, you’ll love this!

It all began when my uncle Frank Kern gave me an unreleased copy of his new book...

Doing the exercise in this book has completely revolutionized and reinvented the way I’m approaching my business right now, the way I’m approaching my client relations, and the way I’m approaching sales and marketing in my business.

The net effect of reading this book is that:

  • You’ll know exactly who your highest paying clients are.
  • You’ll know exactly what you should be offering for maximum revenue.
  • You’ll have a rock-solid plan on how to go out and start getting those clients immediately.

Now, I have no interest in trying to convince you of these things. I don’t want you to take my word for it. I want you to stick around and do this exercise with Uncle Frank Kern and see for yourself.

So get the book and start the exercise.

You're going to walk through the exact system that has been working extremely well in getting the perfect types of clients.

If you'd like to multiply your revenue with fewer clients and no stress, then you can simply create your free account below to get started.

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This is dramatically different than anything you’ve ever seen.

❓ See, most likely, you have multiple things that you can do to be of value to a client.

But, they’re not all energizing to you.

❓ And chances are you’re not actually working with your perfect client.

Chances are, especially if you’re ever frustrated…

🚫 If you’re ever having trouble attracting and converting clients.

🚫 If you’re ever having trouble getting paid by clients.

🚫 If your clients are ever driving you crazy.

…you’re not working with your ideal client.

❓ As you focus on working with only your perfect clients, you might end up raising the amount you want to make per client.

I hope you do.

Many people who do this challenge realize they’re undercharging for their services.

And we’re gonna solve that right here.

Is this for you?

The Freedom Multiplier Challenge is for you…

✅ If you’re a coach, consultant, or professional service provider.

✅ If you’re a true expert that already has an audience/clientele.

✅ If you want to earn more per client for less labor.

✅ If you only want to work with your perfect clients.

✅ If you want to only perform the most valuable activities that get your clients the fastest and most significant results, plus command the most money for you.

✅ If you want to earn 10X the revenue you’re generating now.

Three reasons you should not be here

You’re probably wondering,

“Is this Freedom Multiplier Challenge worth my time and attention?”

For many people, my answer is NO.

Here is why:

🚫 This can not help you become an expert, coach, or consultant.

🚫 If you don’t already have a business, you’re not going to enjoy this.

🚫 If you’re looking for “low paying clients”, this can not help you.

Most people who try ANY “how to get clients” method will not get clients whatsoever.

You’re still here? Good.

Because I have…

Two confessions

You may be wondering…

“Is Frank Kern really your uncle?”

No, Frank Kern is not actually my blood-related uncle.

In Hawaii, there commonly exists a strong sense of ohana (family) which extends beyond traditional bloodlines into your extended family.

In Hawaiian culture, to call an elder auntie or uncle is to communicate endearment and respect, along with an implied familial bond.

In secret societies, an apprentice will often refer to their mentor as “my uncle”.

One of the many benefits of being a member of these societies is that you’re able to associate with some of the most successful and powerful people on the planet. 

This creates a “master mind” group – making the society even more powerful, and membership even more beneficial. 

When you associate and learn from super successful people, it actually DOES rub off on you — YOU are changed for the better!

Frank Kern is known as one of the highest-paid direct response internet marketing copywriter and consultant in the world, exclusively serving coaches, consultants, and professional service providers.

And this is why I call him Uncle Frank Kern.

The Freedom Multiplier Challenge gives you (and me) an unfair advantage over most, because the strategies and tactics that you walk through in the Freedom Multiplier have generated $7,034,761 – and counting – in revenue for Uncle Frank Kern personally or through companies he has equity in, as a partner over the past 18 months alone.

You may also be wondering…

“Does Uncle Frank Kern know you’re giving away his book?”

No, he does not know that I’m giving you a pre-release copy of his newest book.

However, since it’s available for free to anyone, I don’t think he will care very much.

Especially because I’m showing you the cool new way that he gave me the book.

How I got the book

I saw this post from his Facebook Page:

After clicking the link in the post, I immediately received this message on Facebook:

As you can see in the message, the book is attached, so I downloaded it right there.

I didn’t need to enter my email or anything.

He sent the download directly to my inbox.

Of course, I encourage you to see the post for yourself, click the link, receive the book in your Facebook Messenger inbox, read the Freedom Multiplier book, and ultimately take Uncle Frank Kern up on his offer to get the Client Acquisition System for $3,997 free.

So naturally, after I read the Freedom Multiplier, I’d have immediate success, right?

If only that were the case.

I have just a classic story of ineptitude and woe. 😅

When I decided to apply the Freedom Multiplier for myself, I had some obstacles.

The five obstacles on my path

📲 Not very many followers.

I wasn’t sure how many of my followers were even the people I wanted to work with.

👤 No email list of prospects or website visitors.

Yeah, I had a list of past clients and prospects, but they were not my ideal clientele. 

🤑 No money for ad spend.

Sure, I could follow Uncle Frank’s advice and find my ideal people with money using Facebook Ads, but first I would need to generate more cashflow to pay for the ads.

#️⃣ Not much presence on social media.

It’s a lot easier to get clients organically and to run successful advertising campaigns when your target audience is seeing you everywhere they look on their social media.

🆓 No lead magnet.

And the biggest obstacle of generating leads was that I did not have a Lead Magnet.

I was starting from the bottom

Not only did I have those obstacles to overcome, but I also really needed this approach to work, so I could actually boost my revenue and better support myself and my family.

Throughout my entire career thus far, I had always relied on referrals from past clients and connections that I’d made offline to get clients for my online professional services.

Too often I was dealing with low-paying clients who were difficult to deliver results for.

After reading the Freedom Multiplier book, I knew for sure that I wanted to do things differently, so that I could attract more ideal clients in a dependable and consistent way.

Now what?

And that’s when I realized…

I had two choices

I could either continue doing what I had already been doing and get the same results.

Or I could roll up my sleeves, get determined, get creative, and start from the bottom.

So I decided that I would learn how to make this new approach work no matter what.

Here are some of things that I decided to do.

The big decision

Actually it was three decisions.

1️⃣ First, I decided to figure this “client getting” thing out without Facebook Ads.

2️⃣ Second, I decided to do outbound marketing instead of inbound marketing.

3️⃣ Third, I decided to just use the Freedom Multiplier book as my Lead Magnet.

As a result I’ve adapted the Freedom Multiplier into a system that works for me.

In fact, I would like to show you.

Here's exactly how I'm getting clients

There are six elements to this system.

I’m going to list these real quickly and then go through each one individually.

🚥 The Traffic

💡 The Opt-In
ℹ️ The Insight
📅 The Offer
❓ The Quiz
💳 The Close

So let’s go through these and let me explain how each element works.

🚥 The Traffic

I begin the “sales process” before I even ask for your email address (and without you feeling “sold” to), and I position myself as your advocate with my content, which sets me up as the inevitable choice. Further more, I only place that content in front of people like you who are already highly likely to be my ideal client.

I choose you. That’s right, I hand select you.

I probe you. I google you and find more about you publicly.

I notify you of my name by following you on social media.

And then I edify you with a private message.

After getting more acquainted, I invite you to do the Freedom Multiplier Challenge.

That’s when you get the link to this Blog Post and Opt-In Page.

💡 The Opt-In

This Opt-In Page invites you to do the Freedom Multiplier Challenge and demonstrates that I can help you by actually helping you move towards your desired result.

Here is a screenshot from the Blog Post and Opt-In Page that you’re seeing right now.


I have combine a full-width blog post layout with a winning opt-in page layout to get the most opt-ins from my traffic and my Lead Magnet is the Freedom Multiplier Challenge.

Notice I’m using an access and registration concept instead of the traditional “opt-in”.

Think about that, the logged-in experience. It’s better from a psychological standpoint. It’s better from an influence standpoint, and it’s better from a technology standpoint so that I’m not seeing people fall through the cracks.

This access approach gives the perfect stuff to the perfect people (like you) instantly and that sets me up for the next step in this process.

ℹ️ The Insight

Once you have created your account, next you land on this Insight Page, which has a step-by-step roadmap to multiplying your revenue with fewer clients and no stress.

Some people go with “lead magnets” (free stuff in exchange for an email address) that get plenty of sign-ups, but no clients (and that’s why we’re doing any of this, right?).

This Insight Page with the Freedom Multiplier Roadmap is my way of giving away something valuable that also makes me the expert you hire if you want more help.


I give you some time to read the book, watch the video, and do the exercise.

After a while, I follow up and present you with an offer for a free bonus gift.

If you want a bonus gift and submit your worksheet to me on this page, then…

📅 The Offer

You land on this Offer Page to get a Free Custom Lifestyle Business Blueprint.


I don’t need to make myself look cool, talk about my expertise, list my credentials, or even use testimonials. See, I don’t need that stuff.

Because I can genuinely help you, that’s all I need to promise you with my offer.

❓ The Quiz

If you book an appointment with me, then you land on this Questionnaire Page.


When you request an appointment to meet with me, you fill out this form with some questions on it, so that I know if I can immediately help you by giving you my very best work. So I really have lots of information on you, and I check out that information.

I only move forward with the appointment with you after I’ve read your answers and after I’ve checked you out further and determined that it would be easy to help you.

💳 The Close

So before I ever meet with you, I’ve already got a general idea of what I’m going to do with you and how I’m going to advise you in this process.

This is the friendly way that I turn people who have gone through my irresistible intrigue process into paying clients immediately.

We meet and I deliver your Freedom Multiplier Blueprint just as I promised you.

At the end, I ask if you want to hire me to help you implement it.

And if you’re interested, you go to this Sales Page to get started.


After you enroll for the Freedom Multiplier Campaign, then you can access these pages.

🌟 The Next Move

This is the homepage when you login.


If it’s you’re first time logging in, you may want to know how to Get Started.

And that would bring you to this page, which explains how the system works.


From there, you could choose to explore the “Do It Myself” Technologies, and go here.


The first element of the Brand Me Platform is Agility & Performance Technology.


Or maybe you want to explore the “Done With Me” Trainings and you go to this page.


The first module of the Me, Inc. University is the Freedom Planner.


Or maybe you want to explore the “Done For Me” Techniques and you go to this page.


The first technique of the I AM My Guru VIP is setting up the Facebook Ad.


That’s a sample of what you get when you enroll for the Freedom Multiplier Campaign.

How you can implement this

👨‍💻 You’re reading this blog post.

👁️ You’ve seen how this works.

🤩 And you know that using this approach can be a great way to get clients.

So if you’re someone who really can help people and deliver good value to your marketplace, you might be wondering how you can implement all the tactics and strategies I showed you …quickly and easily.

What I have for you

Today I want to invite you to do the Freedom Multiplier Challenge. So if you really want to 10X your revenue with fewer clients and no stress, this is what I have for you.

The Group

We have a private Facebook Group exclusively for Coaches, Consultants, and Professional Service Providers focused exclusively on getting our best paying clients and keeping them happy by only performing our best paying activities – our superpowers.

The Book

Doing the exercise in this book will completely revolutionize and reinvente the way you're approaching your business right now, the way you're approaching your client relations, and the way you're approaching sales and marketing in your business.

The Video

This video walks you through the Client Centric Model, which is a very simple, friendly, and dependable way to get clients for your coaching business, your consulting business, or your professional services business. I think you're really going to like it.

What it will do for you

The net effect of…

Joining 👥 The Group,

Reading 📖 The Book, and

Watching🔊 The Video

…is going to be for you to really earn more while doing less labor and only working with people who are awesome and only doing work that you find energizing.

How it works

It’s really simple. There are only 6 steps.

1️⃣ Join The Group

2️⃣ Read The Book

3️⃣ Watch The Video

4⃣️ Do The Exercise

5⃣️ Submit Your Worksheet

6⃣️ Claim Your Bonus Gift

The Freedom Multiplier Challenge is a pathway to wealth that focuses exclusively on getting your high-paying clients and keeping them happy, by simply doing your highest paying activity for them.

You simply create a marketing and sales system that attracts the perfect clients into your business, so you can get paid what you want.

What I want you to do next

If you want to earn more per client for less labor and generate only ideal leads, I want you to test this because I think it’s probably going to work pretty good for you too, and I’d love to hear your success story.

This challenge is FREE, and that includes everything.

Below you’ll see a button that says “Yes! Let’s do this!”

Click it, create your account, and start the challenge.

When you’ve finished the exercise, submit your worksheet, and claim your $170 gift.

Why you should do it now

This is part of a special promotion and the remaining bonus gifts will be gone soon.

I only have a limited number of bonus gifts available.

It takes roughly 90 mins to deliver each bonus gift, so I only offer 10 to 15 a week.

If you delay, you might not be able to get this opportunity again, because my wife is pregnant with our first child. Once our child is born, I may not offer my help for free.

Here’s why you should do this challenge today.

To prove to yourself and your family that you’re not a talker or a dreamer but a doer.

Sure, you could put this off …but what’s that going to get you?

Earning less per client? Earning less for more labor? Generating less ideal leads?