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Find actionable strategies and tactics you can use to upgrade your life now.

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I blog about my life and actualizing my dream lifestyle.


I blog about your life and enhancing the being inside you.


I blog about our world and advancing the world around us.


I blog about the game and evolving the human experience.

If you’re looking for specific examples of what this means in practice, take a look through what I have here for you. Check it out for a while; you might like it. Or you might not, and that’s okay too.

Choose a pathway that aligns best with you!

As you know, I’m Joshua Seymour. For more than ten years I’ve been blessed to help people – Individual Leaders, Global Brands, and Local Businesses – who change lives and change the world, but my next quest is just beginning.

If you can use a Smart Friend with Benefits for building a peaceful, sustaining and productive lifestyle with people that you love, here is what I offer to help you fulfill your vision and mission:

The Simple 3-Step Process for Creating a More Viable Lifestyle Business

Transforming your lifestyle isn’t about doing a million different things. It’s about finding ONE BIG THING and then leveraging that every day.

The Simple 3-Step Process for Boosting Your Overall Happiness in Life

Improve Your Health, ability to generate Wealth and the Peace within your connection with people to boost your overall Happiness in Life.

The Three Laws for Unifying Earth into One System that Everyone Enjoys

Unify Earth into a system created to provide a customized experience of life for every individual person on the planet via 3 Laws & 7 Rules.

The Dynamic 3-Part Formula for Cracking the Code on Aging and Death

Expedite the quest for immortality and build a new user interface that provides a higher level of access to the controls for the human body.