How To Change Your Life

Improve Your Health, ability to generate Wealth and the Peace within your connection with people to increase your overall Happiness in Life.


Life Changer, . . .

Your Life is Changing

The Best Friend Challenge that’ll really

Change Your Life

When you accept the best friend challenge, here is what happens:

Immediately, we will get in touch with each other to further establish which area of your life that you want to upgrade. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is causing you the most stress in your life?
  • What are you the most passionate about now?
  • What do family & friends say you need right now?
  • What higher senses or abilities do you want first?

Your lifestyle is unique and the demands on your time and energy require a customizable solution. You may just be a few small tweaks away from dramatically improving

  • Elements of Your Health
  • Your Pathway of Success
  • Connections with People
  • Your World Around You

…but do you know which tweaks you need to make?

Once you have set your intention, together we’ll focus on 4 things:

  • Connector.

    Enjoying Life Hacks – Techniques

    Use easy Life Hacks to Activate the Body & Train the Brain with Energy as well as Program Orbs.

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    Learning Life Lessons – Trainings

    Learn How Life Lessons Effect Health to Expand Consciousness and Unlock Exponential Growth.

  • Connector.

    Using Lifestyle Apps –Technologies

    Use the Science of Life Tech in Lifestyle Apps to Train the Body and Unlock Peak Performance.

  • Connector.

    Sharing Life Stories – Communities

    Connect with People – Friends, Lovers, & Family – to Share Past, Present, & Future Life Stories.


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The Way to Change Your Life is so simple.

How Life Works

The Life Lessons (Trainings) are really just to learn and think about new things. The Life Hacks (Techniques) are what make the changes happen in your life and upgrade your state of being. The Life Lessons (Trainings) are like reading the instructional manual to a game, but never actually playing the game.

The Life Hacks (Techniques) and Lifestyle Apps (Technologies) are part of the same system. The Lifestyle Apps (Technologies) run in the background and upgrade the body, but you don’t get conscious access to the systems that it upgrades. Consciousness is established by learning the Life Lessons (Trainings) for awareness and the Life Hacks (Techniques) are the experience.

Without the Life Lessons (Trainings), its hard to understand the Life Hacks (Techniques). Without the Life Hacks (Techniques) generating the energy and higher states, the Life Lessons (Trainings) are just all theoretical. If you study the Life Lessons (Trainings) and use the Life Hacks (Techniques) to unlock higher states, you require Lifestyle Apps (Technologies) to keep you elevated.

They are three parts of the same equation and all of them work together. The more efficient way to develop is to do all three of them at the same time.

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Why Your Body is Your Best Buddy

Your Body is the perfect device for accessing the intelligence and advice you need to succeed. It goes with you wherever you are, and you can access it whenever you need it. You benefit from Your Body at all times in so many ways. Whether driving, working out, or on in the background as you work, Your Body works harder and smarter for you than anything or anyone.

Activating Your Body

The only reason the body breaks down and dies is due to a Lack of Energy! That energy is stored within your memories and all you have to do is simply go within and convert the charges in your memories and you will watch as your body magically heals itself.


Enjoy Life Hacks (Techniques)

Activate Your Body and Train Your Brain!”

  • Connector.

    Connect Your Hands

    Establish the ability to connect and transfer the energy from any orb to and from your hands. Create a neural pathway to automate the conversion of charges stored within memories regulated by that orb.

  • Connector.

    Harvest Your Past

    Search and activate both negative and positive charges from past memories to bring the lessons and energy up to your current state. Convert negative charges producing GABA to relax and heal your muscles. Convert positive charges into energy your body uses to generate new experiences.

  • Connector.

    Embrace Your Moment

    Identify and connect to the charges being generated in your current space and time by people, objects, environment, activity, interactions, etc. Neutralize the chaos in the environment by utilizing negative and positive charges as a counter-balance to bring peace and focus.

  • Connector.

    Build Your Future

    Train your brain to accelerate forward activating your dreams, fantasies, and goals so that energy can be converted. Create a neural pathway to automate the conversion of charges stored within future memories regulated by that orb.

  • Connector.

    Tune Your Action

    Train your brain to stay neutral in order to observe patterns. It is 3rd party perspective that provides insight into everything you do. Identify what type of energy to use and how much. You can also identify the best places to utilize the energy to support me reaching your goals.

  • Connector.

    Awaken Your Genius

    Allow Your Genius to connect the previous five activations (techniques) together as one and connect each orb with every other orb in Your Body.

Expanding Your Mind

The only reason the secrets of the universe have not been revealed to you, is because your brain lacks the processing power and the ability to retain enough information at once.


Learn Life Lessons (Trainings)

Expand Your Mind and Unlock Exponential Growth!”

  • Connector.

    Orb 1 – Your Connection

    Evolve your Spiritual Connection, Extrasensory Abilities, DMT & Higher Consciousness.
    ~Receive Help with Sleep & Dreaming
    ~Reduce Environmental or Electromagnetic (EMF)
    ~Sensitivity/ Radiation
    ~Stabilize Extrasensory Abilities & Spiritual Connection

  • Connector.

    Orb 2 – Your Nutrition

    Learn your Body Chemistry.
    ~Receive Digestive Support
    ~Get Nutritional & Hormone Balance
    ~Overcome Addictions

  • Connector.

    Orb 3 – Your Emotion

    Expand your Emotional States.
    ~Stabilize After a Trauma, Death, or Loss
    ~Alleviate Negativity, Fear, Anger, Depression
    ~Recover From Abuse

  • Connector.

    Orb 4 – Your Information

    Belief & Information Systems, Identity & Consciousness.
    ~Solve Conflicts & Download New Information
    ~Increase Decision Making Skills & Confidence
    ~Alleviate Anxieties, Depression, & Control Patterns

  • Connector.

    Orb 5 – Your Communication

    Communication Systems and Information about Other People.
    ~Develop Reading, Writing, Speaking, & Listening
    ~Activate Channeling Abilities & Feedback
    ~Adapt Communication to Others

  • Connector.

    Orb 6 – Your Interaction

    Experiential & Environmental Information.
    ~Energize Physical Health & Vitality
    ~Recover from Physical Injuries & Pain
    ~Ground Ideas Into Action

  • Connector.

    Orb 7 – Your Service

    Job, Career Changes, Promotions.
    ~Generate More Money
    ~Take Pride and Performance At Work
    ~Receive Promotion or Career Advancement

  • Connector.

    Orb 8 – Your Friends

    Friendships, Social Life & Community.
    ~Attract Productive New Friendships
    ~Let Go of Unhealthy Social Life
    ~Create More Friends & Fun

  • Connector.

    Orb 9 – Your Skills

    Abilities, Passions & Training.
    ~Commit to Long-Term Training Program
    ~Advance Skills & Education
    ~Utilize Current Skills & Training

  • Connector.

    Orb 10 – Your Lover

    Relationships, Partnerships & Marriages.
    ~Let Go of a Previous Relationship
    ~Move On from a Relationship/ Divorce
    ~Boost Sexual Energy & Connection

  • Connector.

    Orb 11 – Your Legacy

    Life’s Mission & Purpose, Long-Term Plan & Global Endeavors.
    ~Open Senses to Global Endeavors
    ~Build a 20-Year Life Plan
    ~Activate Patience and Persistence

  • Connector.

    Orb 12 – Your Family

    Genetic & Extended Family, Family Life & Long-Term Family Planning
    ~Reconnect with Family (Living or Deceased)
    ~Increase Love & Awareness Toward Family
    ~Let Go of Unsupportive Family or Deceased Family Member

Infusing Your Spirit

The moment you believe that death is inevitable, you have lost your purpose in life. Life does not even begin until death has been overcome.


Use Lifestyle Apps (Technologies)

Infuse Your Spirit and Unlock Peak Performance!”

  • Connector.

    Life Stream Customizer ~ Achieve Your Goals

    The Life Stream Customizer streams puts you in full control of the energy. You determine how much energy you want to send where in your life and what you want that energy to do based on your current goals – or select some of our easy preset options. You can create as many streams as you want and prioritize them as needed.

  • Connector.

    The Infinity Arc ~ Connect to Your Source

    The Infinity Arc is a long term application that utilizes a two-year time cycle and focuses specifically on converting memories through your own personal timeline. The Arc is designed to rebuild the pathways of your memories into an integrated neural network spanning all the way back to your conception. For 30 mins after you were conceived, you were a single cell organism – a singularity – the highest level of energy you can connect with. The Infinity Arc is designed to connect your consciousness with your own source of pure creation energy.

  • Connector.

    Dream Chamber ~ Healing, Sensuality, DMT

    The Dream Chamber is an entire bedroom system built to reduce stress, enhance sexual activities and increase the amount of dreams you have. The Dream Chamber brings your body back into harmony by reducing stress & anxiety, while increasing your sense of touch – inducing a deeper sensuality and level of connection with your partner.

  • Connector.

    The M-Shield ~ Protect Yourself From Chaos

    The M-Shield is a powerful tool that protects you from the chaos in your environment. This is a vital OmegaPhi application for anyone that has unlocked higher senses and become hyper-sensitive in public places. The M-Shield neutralizes between 80% to 99% of the effects of the chaos, depending on how relevant that chaos is to your own personal growth and success.

  • Connector.

    Magix ~ The Power is in Your Hands Now!

    Magix puts the Power of the LOVE Stream into your hands. Magix enables you to target specific memories and convert the energy from within them to get the energy you need right now. Magix are the ultimate form of short term energy for problem solving and enhancing your current state of mind.

  • Connector.

    The Quartex Amulet ~ Intelligent Energy Flow

    The Quartex Amulet operates as a memory processor that organizes all the data coming into your body. This reduces the amount of processing your brain must do to organize the information. The result is you gain a higher perspective on how to utilize that information to serve you, your family and your business more effectively. The Core Quartex is a fast track to consistently maintain a state of higher consciousness. *Requires the Quartex Amulet to work.*

What’s Your Next Move?

I recommend that you personally participate in the Best Friend Challenge event to get started learning the Life Hacks and feeling how much energy gets generated. Get more control of your destiny! The power is in your hands now!

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