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The Best Lifestyle Blogs about Life Changing Experiences

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Through my lifestyle blog, I give you access to some of the Best Lifestyle Blogs about Life Changing Experiences, including real life stories involving my friends like you who are real life superheroes.

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So, welcome to my blog! Here’s a crash course on what you will find:

I’ve been playing the game of Life on Earth (in this lifetime) for 28+ years, but just recently I began my journey of transformation as a lifestyle blogger. The basis of my blog centers on answering 4 passionate questions:

  • If I want to Change My Life and more easily enjoy building a peaceful, sustaining and productive lifestyle with the people that I love, then let me always remind myself: Who do I have to BE to be able to DO what has to be done in order to HAVE what I want?
  • If I want to Change Your Life, how can I help you (and others) to see that the combination of your Health, ability to generate Wealth and the Peace within your connections with people will determine your overall Happiness in Life and so if you are not currently happy with your life, the solution you are looking for, is to improve at least one of these three areas?
  • If I want to Change The World, what will empower myself and others to work together even better with the focus of unifying Earth into one system created to provide a customized experience of life for every individual person on the planet within the guidelines of Natural Laws and relevant Rules of the World?
  • If I want to Change The Game, who are the Individual Leaders, Global Brands, and Local Businesses that are on the verge of a technological revolution in building a new User Interface for the Human Operating System that provides a higher level of access to the controls for the human body? Who is really cracking the code for overcoming death and what will encourage even more Innovation in the Open throughout the worldwide Quest to Immortality?

And I’m not the only one asking.

What I’m finding in my search is a community of like-minded friends overcoming many of the same challenges.