Be Do Have More

An easy way to achieve your goals is asking yourself: “Who do I have to BE to be able to DO what has to be done in order to HAVE what I want?”

Be more, Do more, Have more

That’s my motto in life because it encapsulates the values and ideals guiding me further on my journey.

I want to Change My Life, learn how to Change Your Life, and together I want us to Change The World!

Your wish is your command.

You can Have, Be, or Do anything and everything you want.

True or False:

The correct order of Have, Be, or Do is actually… Be, Do, Have?


The correct order is Be, Do, and Have.

You Be – you are to Be, first.

That creates your Doing-ness or activities, which creates your Having-ness.

Being is your thought process.

Being is who you are.

Being is what your DNA is resonate at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That’s why you’re changing your Being.

Being is the first thing you work on.

When you change your being-ness, your vibration changes and when that changes, everything in your life changes because now your activities will change.

The activities will be pleasurable.

The activities will create results.

And that gives you Having-ness.

That means you Have, you’ve created, you’ve manifested your dreams.

First you must Be.

That motivates you to Do.

And that gets you to Have and make your dreams come true.

Be, Do, or Have.

The correct order is Be, Do, Have.

Now, ask yourself:

“Who do I have to BE to be able to DO what has to be done in order to HAVE what I want?”

To help you answer this question, you can also look at BE > DO > HAVE backwards as HAVE > DO > BE.

  • “What do I want to HAVE?”
  • “What do I have to DO to HAVE it?”
  • “Who do I have to BE to DO it?”

Here are some of my general answers to these questions:

Be more

  • Healer
  • Servant
  • Friend
  • Master
  • Lover
  • Founder
  • Ancestor
  • Explorer

Do more

  • Healing
  • Serving
  • Befriending
  • Mastering
  • Loving
  • Founding
  • Raising
  • Exploring

Have more

  • Health
  • Service
  • Friends
  • Skills
  • Lovers
  • Legacy
  • Family
  • World