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Aloha, I am Joshua Seymour

Welcome to my life! I'm so happy we are here together!

People find me and interact with me through various communication channels.

Here’s how you may know me…

Everyone is searching for something!

If you connect with more people that want the same things that you want and help them achieve their goals, you’ll manifest your desires faster.

Let's find out if our life goals are in alignment and if so, let's utilize our life skills to advance ourselves forward together!

Random Friends (Followers)

If you follow me publicly through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube...

Are you enjoying the insights from my Best Lifestyle Blogs in your inbox?

Specialty Friends (Contacts)

If your name is stored in my contacts and we already chat with each other via emails, calls, and private messages...

You're invited to play a fun game with me that challenges you to clarify WHO you are, WHAT you want, & HOW you want to experience it, so you can command more people to do almost anything (but in a good way).

Learning Friends (Members)

If we’re members of the same community online/offline...

Do we have a real heartfelt connection for each other? Are we aware of our purposes, our passions, and our specialties: what we want to do and what we’ve already achieved and what we can already do right now?

Celebration Friends (Partners)

If we’re already helping people, making money and having fun together as a team...

Let’s multiply our revenues with fewer clients and no stress by testing the best lifestyle business ideas that work for maximum freedom and profitability.

I'm looking for more like minded friends!

If you’re a lifestyle entrepreneur who has grown a business around your lifestyle rather than designed a lifestyle around your business...

Maybe you would like to collaborate to help even more people create their ideal lifestyle and build a business that supports that lifestyle?

Whatever your reason for being here, I'm glad you're here.

The Lifestyle of an Entrepreneurial Father

So I’m a 30 year-old entrepreneurial father and husband, a personal coach and business consultant, as well as a native North American planting new flags wherever I can. Today, you can find me living in the mountains of Mexico 🇲🇽 and in route to the Hawaiian Islands with my amazing wife, 💁🏾 Mayka and our precious daughter, 👼🏽 Nalani. If you like, you can explore more deeply into what I'm focused on at this moment in my life.

Your Friend with Benefits whenever and wherever.

My Friends and I bring you access to helpful techniques, insightful trainings, useful technologies and communities that improve the person inside you and the world around you. Each day delivers eye-opening experiences of being humane in this ever-evolving game of Life on Earth, but…

Why are we really here?

The purpose of our friendship is to Change Your Life and Change The World by accessing the insight that you need to see where energy is blocked in your life and how to move forward to achieve your goals.

As I play the role for you of a smart friend with benefits that Change Your Life, one of the rewards is that I also Change My Life, and together we Change The World.

“I am a servant of love and a master of service!”
– Core Love #LifeCoach

This is My Life and Style.

You may say my lifestyle is unique and the constant demands on my time and energy require extraordinary character development. Learning and thinking about new things really doesn’t mean anything if your Character is not developed enough to make the changes in your life and upgrade your state of being.

So, I focus my attention on people that want the same things that I want and help them achieve their goals, which also helps me achieve my goals. Productive friendships are when both people’s life goals are in alignment and both people utilize their life skills to advance themselves forward. If you’re here, is this us?

“Live the life you love and you will love the life you live!”
– Joshua Seymour #LifeQuote

More About Me...

I LOVE precious moments, exploring Earth on adventures, crazy feats, extraordinary human achievement, funny moods, yummy foods, and feeling good, no matter the circumstances! 😄