Welcome to My Life! I am so happy you are here!

Aloha, I am Joshua Seymour

Your Friend with Benefits
whenever and wherever

Joshua Seymour on the island of Maui, Hawaii

My Friends and I bring you access to techniques, trainings, technologies and communities that improve the person inside you and the world around you. Each day delivers eye-opening, enjoyable experiences of being in this ever-evolving game of Life on Earth.

Why are you here?

The purpose of our friendship is to Change Your Life and Change The World by accessing the insight that you need to see where energy is blocked in your life and how to move forward to achieve your goals.

As I play the role for you of a good friend with benefits that Change Your Life, one of the rewards is that I also Change My Life, and together we Change The World.

“I am a servant of love and a master of service!”Core Love #LifeCoach

This is My Life and Style

You might say that my lifestyle is unique and the constant demands on my time and energy require some extraordinary character development. Learning and thinking about new things really doesn’t mean anything if your Character is not developed enough to make the changes in your life and upgrade your state of being.

Developing my ideas into projects!
Building friendships!
Learning new skills!
Going deeper into my relationship!
Achieving my goals!
Establishing solidity with my family!

So, I focus my attention on people that want the same things that I want and help them achieve their goals, which also helps me achieve my goals. Productive friendships are when both people’s goals are in alignment and both people utilize their life skills to advance themselves forward. If you’re here, then we are aligning!

Live the life you love and you will love the life you live!”Euphoric #LifeQuote

More About Me and My Lifestyle

I LOVE precious moments, exploring Earth on adventures, crazy feats, extraordinary human achievement, funny moods, yummy foods, and feeling good, no matter the circumstances! ?

Joshua Seymour at Kolealea Farm and Agricultural Healing Center on the island of Maui, Hawaii

Share Your Best Life Moments with Great Friends in weekly Group Events while experiencing Life Hacks, Life Lessons & Lifestyle Apps that really Change Your Life & Change The World!