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Aloha, I’m Joshua Seymour, Your Friend with Benefits for building a peaceful, sustaining and productive lifestyle with people that you love.

Life is always more fun when you have someone to share it with!

"The people we connect with in life have a significant effect on every aspect of our life. When we connect with people that hold a different set of goals and values, we can quickly become depleted of energy and question our own reality. When we connect with people that are in alignment with our own goals and values, we become energized and excel in everything that we do."

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You bring balance into your life through understanding how to connect with people more effectively.

I’m looking for a few more Good Friends!

If you’re interested, just connect with me – Joshua Seymour – I will help you gain the most value from within our Friendship.

The Best Friend Challenge that helps you

Be more Do more Have more.

When you accept the best friend challenge, here is what happens:

Immediately, we will get in touch with each other to further establish which area of your life that you want to upgrade. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is causing you the most stress in your life?
  • What are you the most passionate about now?
  • What do family & friends say you need right now?
  • What higher senses or abilities do you want first?

Your lifestyle is unique and the demands on your time and energy require a customizable solution. You may just be a few small tweaks away from dramatically improving

  • Elements of Your Health
  • Your Pathway of Success
  • Connections with People
  • Your World Around You

…but do you know which tweaks you need to make?

Once you have set your intention, together we’ll focus on 4 things:

  • Connector.

    Your Followers

  • Connector.

    Your Contacts

  • Connector.

    Your Members

  • Connector.

    Your Partners


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The Best Friend Challenge is so simple.

How Friendship Works


What’s Your Next Move?

I recommend that you personally participate in the Best Friend Challenge event to get started learning the Life Hacks and feeling how much energy gets generated. Get more control of your destiny! The power is in your hands now!

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What others are saying …

Josh has a way of translating something that is technical, frustrating or completely overwhelming into something easy and doable.

Christal Fuentes, Founder of The Ladies Coach

I paid an expert $14,000 for a year of mentoring without getting the strategy that led to real breakthroughs. I was amazed that Josh gave me clarity in just a few hours.

Allison Rapp, Founder of Get the Practice You Want

This is your invitation to join me in the best friend challenge to…

Be more Do more Have more!

You can have more control and see faster progress in fulfilling your mission and vision!


About Me (Joshua Seymour)

I am a local on the island of Maui, Hawaii, and I've been known to hangout in key locations throughout North America for weeks or months at a time ...connecting with friends who I enjoy life with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can update facebook, you can update your website. You only need a basic knowledge of how to use a computer for everyday tasks.
Absolutely. I don’t want to pretend that once you buy this course you will have everything you need. This is only the information to make things work, you will still need to purchase software and hardware to bring it to life. What you need to spend depends on what you want to create. I would allow between £250 – £500 for licences and £100 as on ongoing monthly outlay for hosting and subscriptions. A full breakdown of what I recommend with costs will be available soon
That depends on how quickly you learn and implement. People will progress at different speeds which is why the course has been designed to adapt to your learning style. I would recommend allowing at least 1 hour a day. On average it will take 30 days to complete the course but if you are crazy like me, it can be finished in a weekend.
For as long as you plan on staying alive. I would prefer if you do not share the course with anyone as that could result in removal if I catch you.
Possibly, I only work with two clients at a time. I fully immerse myself in the business so this process limits me from taking on too much work. I have an outstanding team who are available to help should you need it and we can talk more about this here.

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