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What if you can only live 100 years?

🤙🏼 Aloha, I’m Joshua Seymour.

I always love the “about me” page on websites like this because they’re written in the third person …even though they’re typically written by the the owner of the site.

So rather than attempting to sound smarter than I really am by writing about myself in the third person, I have written my about page like it is a fancy letter to a friend.

Which …in many ways, it is.

Anyway – what would you like to know?

I'm age 33.

🌞 I’m a millennial entrepreneur living well in North America.

🧠 I’ve completed the first 25 year cycle in my development.

💞 I’ve graduated from being a single to a couple to a family.

🧿 I’ve clearly defined my purpose, mission, vision and goals.

♾️ I’ve chosen immortality as my ultimate reason for existing.

But if I only live 100 years...

This is my Life Chart.

My Life Chart is inspired by The Prime Cure: The Definitive Treatment to Curing Aging & Discovering Eternal Youth, a 2,800-page book weighing 11 pounds that took the author, Mark Hamilton, more than three decades to complete.

Hypothetically, this chart represents how little time I have to experience and create everything I ever will with this body, if I only live 100 years. Each square represents one year of my life. I’ve filled in my thirty-three squares, leaving me with just sixty-seven squares remaining.

33% complete
and at least 67% available
33% done
at least 67% available

I now feel more life in my life by using a Life Chart. Everyday I look at the Life Chart and it reminds me of how precious life is. How often do you think about or feel, on a daily basis, the preciousness of your own life and the lives of your loved ones?

Death amplifies the rightness of happiness now.

Everything I do now, even routine things, I tend to savor. More and more I get so much more enjoyment out of things that before I never stopped to notice or felt indifference for.

I try to celebrate my life everyday now.

More often I really feel the excitement in life.

I’m becoming so focused and so determined to help you enhance your own reality.

I want to accomplish more.

I want to love more.

I want to share meaningful time together with loved ones.

In short, I’m gradually amplifying my existence, and savoring it.

As you 'X' off those open squares, you'll find yourself...

Enjoying family and friends in your life more.

Loving them more while you’re still together.

Wanting to learn more.

Wanting to build more values for the world.

Thinking that every value you ever make is limited to those open squares.

Wanting to make more and more values as you grow older.

One thing is for sure:

You’re less likely to waste a portion of your precious life with a Life Chart.

So what else would you like to know?

Sometimes, I live on the Hawaiian Islands.

The Hawaiian Islands have been a place with one of the longest life expectancies year after year.

If quality of life is more valuable than quantity, then the Hawaiian Islands could be a unique place to eventually offer individuals and companies an amazing boost in their overall standard of living.

Here’s a few notable features that Hawaii offers today:

The quality of life on the Hawaiian Islands is pretty good by most measures, but even paradise has its problems, and some of those problems are stubbornly persistent.

Steve Petranik says it like this:

"Yes, we have the longest lifespan in the nation, but we also have the highest cost of living and housing. We treasure the land and the aloha spirit with all our souls, but we trample them far too often. Some of us in Hawaii have a fabulous quality of life, but many are left far behind."

Steve Petranik

So that’s Hawaii today, but I’m much more intrigued by what Hawaii can be tomorrow.

Here's a few key reasons why:

Those are seemly bold statements, but I expect to explain and explore them here with my posts.

All of that said, I’m lucky to live periodically in Hawaii… 

With my ahhhmazing wife, Mariela.

We met on the island of Maui in autumn of 2016 through her sister and my close friend, Mitch.

We instantly felt a deeply soulful connection and contrary to our own self coaching, we moved very quickly from friends to lovers. Within less than a month of dating, we were living together.

Generally, I’d never suggest anyone move so fast from strangers to acquaintances to friends to pretty much skipping the time it takes to become close friends and going right into being lovers.

Luckily it’s been a fairly pleasant experience for us 😅

There’s first love and tough love, but we feel the connection that we have is more like true love.

In the beginning, we would jog or walk together at a local beach park and have conversations, so that we could get to know each other better. On the topic of raising children, Mariela expressed she probably didn’t want children and if she did, then she would prefer to adopt them because there’s a lot of children on the planet already who don’t have dedicated parents caring for them.

Because of my belief in biological immortality being a real probability in our lifetime, somewhat jokingly and seriously, I said within the next 200 to 300 years I’d like to father 20 to 30 children.

She seemed intrigued and open-minded about it, but probably didn’t realize I wasn’t just joking.

Interestingly, I still feel the same way, but my perspective has become more practical about this.

Today, I’m seeing these children as direct descendants with the hope of becoming a super great grandfather and the longest living male in my family tree, thus bringing a new meaning to 5G 🧙🏼‍♂️

I’ll share more on this later.

Ok, back to our love story.

In spring of 2017, we began traveling throughout Mexico and by summer Mariela was pregnant.

She asked me to give her a baby, and I glady obliged.

Some say that a true marriage is when a child’s born.

As of spring 2018, it’s been me and my wife, Mariela… 

And our precious daughter, Nalani.

Nalani is the product of our true love connection and the activation of our bodies in a marriage.

She was born in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, so already she’s a dual citizen of the Americas.

Being a citizen of anywhere comes with a lot of unnecessary baggage that most humans on Earth, including myself, do not fully comprehend. Regardless, I’m hopeful that eventually I can help guide Nalani through the process of correcting her status and standing as a living woman of Mama Earth.

For now, we’ll stay in compliance and use the advantages of the dual citizenship.

And as of March 2021, Nalani has completed her third revolution living on Earth.

We’re looking forward to enjoying the Toddler stages of her human development.

I love to see that my little investment is maturing. The ROI seems ultra promising.

Raising our own little genius of society is easily the greatest asset in our portfolio.

Alright, so with Nalani in the picture…

Together, we're the Seymour family.

In continuing the timeline of the story, by the spring of 2019 we’d relocated to Maui to set roots.

And that attempt at setting roots lasted a little more than a year, because Mariela was pregnant again whilst Hawaii was imposing too many violating restrictions on its residents. We said adios.

At the end of October 2020, we welcomed our 2nd child, another baby girl. Her name is Kaleah.

Now, we’re living again in Mexico and we did her birth in the city (León) where Mariela was born.

With that said, clearly…

This phase of my life is Parenthood.

From birth to age 25, I flowed through childhood in the Great Lakes region of North America.

By the time I was 26 years old, my Mom had a brain aneurysm and she permanently transitioned out of her physical body. So I journeyed into parenthood with my Mom in the non-physical form.

I often wonder what my life and the life of my siblings – my brother, Tie, and my sister, Heather – would be like if she were physically with us. I even wonder what the relationship dynamics would be like between my mom and her daughters-in-law (our wives) and her six young grandchildren. 

The early death of my mother has enabled me to amplify my moral that death is not acceptable.

Death is unnatural, insanely wrong, and the most debilitating challenge that we must overcome.

In the eloquent words of my friend:

"The moment we believe that death is inevitable, we have lost our purpose in life."

The average adult’s lack of feeling this insanity of human death seems so insane to me and the death of my mother has driven this insanity to the surface. I’m beginning to deeply understand that life doesn’t actually begin until we have overcome death. Preferably in our own lifetimes.

Well, if we can only live 100 years, then game on.

May we all be alive and well, forever.

Mahalo 🙏🏼