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Aloha, I’m Joshua Seymour, a millennial entrepreneur, husband, and father based in the Americas. Aside from being a family man, I’m magnificently obsessed with DAOs. I’ve learned and gained a lot via my direct experience as a member, delegate, contributor, and ambassador of DAOs like Eden, Fractally, Hypha, & Rehash.

I’m also the founding member and a core contributor of Avolve, which is a Venture DAO in its early stages of development that has a venture coop, venture studio, and venture fund for DAOs.

Beyond that, I’m working together with Gavriel Shaw to create a Land DAO in the heart of the Yucatán Peninsula here in Mexico, plus I’m gradually stewarding a private membership society into becoming a DAO for curing poverty, stagnation, tyranny & aging while also advising organizations on the best practices of DAOs.

I document my journey by making videos for my channel while also hosting a podcast and publishing articles for subscribers.

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Who is Joshua Seymour?

Peruse my perspectives, personal life, and learn more about me.

Peruse my perspectives, motivational drive, personal life, and learn more about me.

Learning to sufficiently build, fund, and help DAOs thrive

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