About Joshua Seymour

  • Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
  • Euphoric Inc.

Joshua Seymour (born February, 28, 1988) is a Hawaii-based author and publisher who, with Mitch Mahoney, co-founded Euphoric Inc, an intercontinental conglomerate that is comprised of 26 Euphoric Brands, the Euphoric Media Network along with 4 action-adventure games, and a Headquarters of operations on every continent, including Antarctica.

As of 2025, Seymour’s personal wealth is estimated to be more than $1 trillion coins. Together Mahoney and Seymour own 20% of the company. Mainstream media-sources refer to Seymour as a “Superachiever” and someone who believes that “everyone can enhance the person inside them and advance the world around them”, a philosophy that is summed up by Euphoric’s moto “enhance the human experience, boost the standard of living on Earth for everyone” and “feel good now”.

NOTE: Obviously, we have not entered the year 2025 yet, so most of what you've just read above is NOT factual, however, if you were reading an article on Wikipedia in 2025, then what you've read is what it will say.